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Welcome to Haus of Pilates

One-on-One Pilates Training

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Find Health in Our Haus.

From toning up to feeling comfortable in your own skin, you deserve to see results from your Pilates practice. But progress is challenging when training revolves around a group instead of around you.

At Haus of Pilates, we take a different approach. We’re an inclusive studio that helps people at all levels achieve their fitness goals through one-on-one training, because we believe that success starts with individual support.

Training at Our Haus

Every BODY is unique. That’s why we offer one-on-one training.
By catering to your individual needs, we help you stay motivated to show up to your next Pilates session--so you can see long-term results.

Shape Your Pilates Body
Shape Your Pilates Body

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced practitioner: from dancers/athletes to seniors and individuals with chronic conditions, Pilates is for EVERYBODY! We help make your practice feel sustainable, exciting and enjoyable! No matter what your athletic ability is, Haus of Pilates is here for you.

Pilates for Scoliosis
Pilates for Scoliosis

You can't reverse the curve in your spine with Pilates exercise but a targeted program can teach you how to release tight areas of your spine, improve your awareness of alignment and strengthen the internal muscles that support and control your spine.

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Get Stronger & Feel Your Best

Get Stronger & Feel Your Best

Consistency is the key to seeing results. By focusing on private sessions rather than group classes, we’re able to build one-on-one relationships with our clients, keeping them motivated to maintain their practice. At our studio, you’ll develop a routine that makes you happier with how your body looks, feels and moves.

A History in the Making

A  practitioner for over 20+ years, Jennifer Jax has a deep appreciation for how the quality of movement through Pilates shapes and benefits the individual. Her own struggles with adult onset Scoliosis inspired her to open a studio for those who need individualized instruction to meet their fitness goals. 

Jennifer worked hard to locate and create the right studio. Wanting her clients to practice in a warm, inviting atmosphere as if they were working out at home. Jennifer eventually located the right studio in the River Oaks area, hence, the name - Haus of Pilates Studio.

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About Our Founder

Jennifer Jax, Founder

Jennifer Jax started her career as an OB-GYN RN.  Along the way, Jennifer sustained a back injury which led to adult onset Scoliosis. After her diagnosis, she started taking Pilates classes to relieve the pain and discomfort. Realizing the benefits of Pilates, Jennifer’s dream has always been to open her own studio and share her knowledge and training with others.

The Haus of Pilates Approach

Each new client is evaluated through our carefully designed intake form where we gather your medical history and current fitness status. With this information, we create a training program to meet your specific fitness needs and long-term goals.

This individualized support continues each and every time you step into our studio. Our instructors check in with you before each session begins, and then adjust your workout to your specific needs that day. They also give you take-home tips, so you can continue developing your workout between sessions. This hands-on guidance provides you with the encouragement to keep going, so you can maintain a long-term Pilates practice that gets results.

One-on-One Sessions

At Haus of Pilates we exclusively offer private sessions, which are best for addressing specific body or movement issues.  We also offer duo sessions for those who like to exercise with a friend or partner.

Get Started
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Pricing & Packages

Individual Session image
Individual Session

Individual Session Packages
4 sessions $340
10 sessions $800

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Scoliosis Session

Scoliosis Session Packages
(Contact us to inquire about packages)

Duo Session image

Duo Session

Duo Session Packages
4 sessions $560
10 sessions $1300

It is recommended that clients signing up for duo sessions have the same level of experience for an optimal training experience.

How to Get Started

To find out if Pilates is for you, we offer an initial FREE 30-minute session, to introduce you to the equipment and benefits of Pilates.

Please fill out our required intake form two days before your session.

Schedule Your Initial Session

Our studio is a welcoming and comfortable environment.

We use Balanced Body studio equipment for a successful workout. Our thoughtfully designed space offers healthy snacks and beverages, along with a private changing area with all the amenities. At the Haus of Pilates, our clients can truly feel at home.